Helen's Wedding

Friday, May 12, 2006

Not long to go now!

OK, seeing as I haven't posted for so long, I thought I would post a quick update on all the goings on.

It's 2 weeks until the wedding now, and we're both getting a little nervous, but Finton is much worse than me, bless him. I think he's worrying about making a speech!

All the food has been organised, and no, it's not bangers and mash! You'll have to wait and see what lovely things await you on the day. The music is set in place but we are yet to decide on a "first dance" piece. If any of you have ever seen us dance, then you would understand why!

Everyone has been measured for their suits, and they should all be arriving at their various Debenham stores to be tried on in the next week. My dress is in it's final stages, and I am trying the whole lot on later today after my kip (I'm on a night shift...) which is very exciting. Must remember to shave my legs! All 3 bridesmaids have got their fantastic kit ready, and I am so pleased.

I finally found some shoes - a bargain on ebay!

The table plan is in the process of being made, and I have nearly finished the place names.

We may even be filmed for a documentary on Stately Homes, so they are offering us the use of the Music Room in the castle for free for our reception drinks. What a bonus!

So, we've now just got to decide on the little things like when people are arriving on the day, who is driving who where, how to display the table plan, and how to organise everything that is to go on the tables so the caterers know where to put it all!

I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it on the day - don't forget your big hats!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Stuff about us!

I have been asked to add some info all about us, so here it is!

We met in 2001, both working in a small bistro in Colchester. I was a waitress, and Finton was doing a rotation between the kitchen and waiting. He lasted 3 days there before he fell out with the owner (ha ha!), but luckily I plucked up the courage to ask for his number before he left. We met a few days later for a drink (or 7) and the rest is history...

We officially moved in together sometime around May 2002, then Finton proposed to me on my 21st birthday, 1st October 2001. It was very lovely, but the only problem was that the ring wasn't ready yet, so he wrapped up the receipt for it! I wasn't allowed to tell people for over a week!!

I have a pretty white gold wedding ring (yes, wedding!) as my engagement ring. It has a dip in it that would usually accommodate a stoned engagement ring, and has 11 small diamonds across the top. Due to this, I decided to get a white gold engagement ring as my wedding ring! It is from the 1930s, and has a platinum cut diamond. I saw it in a jewellers, tried it on and it was the perfect fit, so I thought that had to be fate.

Finton didn't have a ring straight away, but he did want one, so I got him a titanium one for his birthday in 2004, engraved with "Helen and Finton 4/12/2004". He plans to use this as his wedding ring also.

We bought our house in May 2003, and will have lived there for 3 years when we are married. It is a little 2 bed, semi-detatched house in a quiet cul-de-sac, just right for us and our 4 cats...!

I work as an assistant manager in a care home for Physically disabled adults, and Finton works as a sous chef for a golf course. My hobby is .22 target rifle shooting (no, this does not mean animals!), and Finton's is course fishing. We managed to pick the 2 laziest sports in the world between us!

So, let me know if I need to anything, but this should keep you going for a while!

Wedding info site

Hi all. If you are getting married, then take a look at my other wedding site which has links to articles with information about all things wedding-related. Drop me a line if you have any questions!

You'll see the link under my links sections, but otherwise click here!

It's not finished yet, but I'll have more information up soon.

Friday, February 17, 2006

My A-Z list

I have recently heard about a way of giving wedding info - in an A-Z list! So, here is my effort with all the info that people have been asking for recently:

Anna is one of my bridesmaids, my oldest friend
Bestman is Dennis, Finton's brother
Colour scheme is pinks and whites
Dress is being made by the wonderful Sara
Excited is how I am feeling!
Favours for the tables are a secret...
Giftlist just asks for American dollars
Honeymoon is to Florida for 2 weeks from 3/6/06
I can't wait to marry Finton : )
John (Saint!) in the Wilderness is the church where we will be getting married
Kevin is an Usher
Little birdesmaids will be cute!
Molly is one of our bridesmaids, Finton's niece
Niamh is another!
Only just over 3 months to go now...
Powderham Castle is the reception venue
Queries can be emailed to me!
Rounding up all the replies is hard work
Sara is my maid of honour
Time of the service is 3pm
Usher number 2 is Darren
Very smoothly is how I want the day to go!
Wyatt will be my new surname
eXtreme nervousness is starting to set in!
You should have a good time at the reception, but...
...Zebras are not welcome!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The church pic

This is St John in the Wilderness church, where we will be getting married.

E.bay pic of dress

This is the picture that was posted on E.bay - it kinda looks like this, but it's just... not quite right!

A better invite pic!

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Place card pic

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Finally, a picture!

I finally managed to get a picture - but it's not very good! This is one of my invites with baby pics of me and Finton on the front. I'll try to get a better picture soon!
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Who has pointy toes??

I had a great day hunting round the shops with the wonderful Sara today (just to make up for the horrid dress post!) - we picked up the dress material, so now I'm really excited! You'd think that you could just cut out a few bits and sew them together, but NO! There are about 50 layers included, with netting and something called interface (iron-on, of course!), some satin, some silk, some anti-static.... I can't believe how much material is needed for just one dress! But it'll be gorgeous : )

Also had a look round for shoes - why is there a major trend for pointy-toed shoes that would make my feet look about size 12?? I hate them! So, if you hadn't guessed, I'm still looking for shoes.

Sara tried on some fab dresses - much MUCH nicer than the weird zippy tent dress from before! (Thanks for a lovely day, Sara - you looked great!)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dress disasters!

Well, all was not good yesterday evening - Sara (maid of honour - you'll get used to all these names soon!) came over to try on the bridesmaid dress that we thought was such a bargain. I unpacked it (from an extremely small parcel, sent from Hong Kong), and marvelled at all the creases. Then I ran my hands over the tent-like material, and gazed in awe at the elasticated back!! I didn't want to cloud Sara's judgement before she saw it, so I sent a diplomatic text message saying "The dress is here - don't know if you'll like it or not!).

As I was saying, Sara came over, took one look at the dress, then we both doubled over with laughter! I was really mean and made her put it on anyway, just for the amusement factor! (Sorry Sara, darling!!) It wasn't exactly like the picture we saw on the net, to say the least. If I can get a piccie before I send it back (the zip wouldn't do up on the side, either! Well, I say "up", it actually did down...) then I'll post it!

So, we're off shopping later this week to try and find a dress that isn't made of tent material, and comes further down than her knees!

More escapades later...

Monday, January 30, 2006

About time too!

I finally managed to get Finton to ring his Mum and brother to get various surnames I needed to finish the placecards off, which I will do when I have a spare couple of minutes over the next week. Now it's just a matter of getting him to organise the rest of the guys getting suit fittings, and I have given him the job of deciding what to give the kids that are invited as a "favour" instead of scratchcards.

We'll see what happens!